All images on this website are available as prints upon request, but the pictures on the gallery page are optimized for printing.

Honestly, I’ve never done this on my own before so I’m still very unsure about how much the process of printing and sending it costs. I’ll link a pricelist from the printing store I use here in Oslo so you can have a look at what the costs are for high-quality prints (see here). Short warning: printing on high-quality paper is expensive.

In short, for some of the default sizes and paper qualities the rough prices are as follows:

size price
13cm or 15cm long edge 30kr
18cm or 20cm long edge 70kr
30cm long edge (matte paper) 150kr
30cm long edge (gloss paper) 300kr
40cm or 50cm long edge (gloss paper) 500kr
60cm long edge (gloss paper) 600kr
70cm long edge (gloss paper) 800kr

Keep in mind that this just includes printing a single picture. In order to put the picture on the wall, you’d also need to buy a frame. For the most common sizes and aspect ratios you can probably get a fairly decent frame for a good price at IKEA. For the rest you’d have to visit your local photography store. If you want to get a passe-partout then I’d recommend to get it in white. I edit my pictures in Lightroom on a white background, so the colors are optimized to look well on a white background.

Of course, for any questions, please get in touch. I typically reply within a day or so if you haven’t gotten a reply within a week I probably forgot, or the e-mail ended up in my spam folder, in either case please remind me!